SchlickArt Style - The Genres We Shoot (Boudoir Photography) Part 3 of 5

In part three of our series we are defining SchlickArt’s version of Boudoir Photography.

Boudoir Photography is chance for a woman to show off her spontaneous personality, her playful side, her sexiness and all the things she loves about her figure!

When is comes to boudoir we love all the sexy lingerie choices, the lace, the corsets and the heels. The classic romantic look of black and white; and the sultry/sexy look of vibrant reds in an image. Whatever makes you feel HOT!

The idea of a boudoir shoot might be a bit daunting for some, but if you are interested in a shoot like this, have no fear, we are here to coach you through it in the most gratifying way possible! We understand that there are parts of your body you may not want highlighted. Conversely you have features that you pride yourself on and you want to show them off. We know all the camera and lighting tricks to make that happen. We know how to pose every shape and make your feel like the hottest version of YOURSELF!

And best of all it will feel natural, unposed and very comfortable.

To learn more about our photo sessions visit out website:

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