It has been a short while since we showed you some photos from one of our SchlickArt Signature Pampering Sessions, so here are the newest images from Kim’s beautiful session.

This is the third photo set of Kim and she chose to wear a fun colorful summer dress. I wanted the colors in the dress to pop, so I posed her on a white wall with natural sunlight coming through the draped white curtains that surrounded her. I then stylized the photos to give them a muted glow. 
Doesn’t this dress really bring out her gorgeous green eyes?

It’s obvious to see that Kim is a beautiful, radiant woman who shines in front of the camera. Enjoy this photo-set and stay tuned for more soon!

Other photo sets of Kim:

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Photos By: Lindsay Schlick of © Lindsay Schlick 2012 © SchlickArt 2012

Hair and Makeup Talents By Sacha Rani Artistry:

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