Above is the second photo set we created of the beautiful Kim Meinen. 

For this 2nd photo set Kim chose to wear a cute pair of white shorts and a flowy patterned tank top.
This clothing choice completely reminded me of the photos I see on e-commerce sites when I am shopping for clothes online. One of my most favorite activities! So when she put the outfit on, I totally wanted to produce photos that depicted that look. A plain background that made the clothes, and Kim, pop off the screen and some subtle, but moody shadows and highlights that added style and class to the images!

I love seeing the wind from the fan in her hair and the smile on her face as she had fun in front of the camera as I directed her. At first she was very nervous in front of the lens and she was not sure how she was going to be posing and what she was going to look like. But with coaching and directing from me as her photographer and friend… and a little faith, I am sure you will agree she looks so natural, beautiful, free spirited and happy in her images.

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Photos By: Lindsay Schlick of SchlickArt.com © Lindsay Schlick 2012 © SchlickArt 2012

Hair and Makeup Talents By Sacha Rani Artistry: www.sacharaniartistry.com

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