Part of what SchlickArt is all about is photographing our clients in a way that truly represents who they are. Ashley told us she is a teacher and caregiver, but ultimately what she loves is dance, specifically ballet.
Last week we featured Ashley in this photoset that displays her natural beauty and ease in front of the camera.
This week we present a completely different set that showcases her love for ballet. We were amazed when she came out of the dressing room in her full ballet costume… and even more amazed by the graceful and elegant poses she was able to hold. It’s quite easy to see her love for ballet as the photographs capture her smile and happiness with each pose and inspire the imagination to think of how Ashley would look performing on stage.
Enjoy these photos of Ashley the ballet dancer.

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Photos By: Lindsay Schlick of © Lindsay Schlick 2012 © SchlickArt 2012

Hair and Makeup By: Kathy T. Email:

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